Principal fired over saga of school holding 131 pupils in dark room

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/13 20:08:40

The principal of a primary school in Southwest China has been suspended and is under probe after rumors spread among parents that the 131 school children were "put in a dark room to recite words" after school.

The school later announced that it made the students make voice recordings for a technology company without the approval of parents.

The students were found to be healthy after a health check, authority of Sandu county, Guizhou Province, said Tuesday. They had food and water provided by the company and so the health examination, according to the local government website.

Some parents said online that "many primary school students were put into a small dark room to recite words and were not allowed to eat or drink if they couldn't manage to do it."

The students were not taken to a dingy room but into a house with a simple recording room to have audio recordings, Shi Hongping, principal of Hong Xing Primary School, told the Legal Evening News.

The audios were meant to be used for software development, The Beijing News said.

Without permission, the school and the company let students record audio over five days during their free time after lunch and during self-study hours in the afternoon, a teacher surnamed Qian at the local education bureau told the newspaper.

The principal has been removed from duty and is under investigation according to administrative rules, a teacher surnamed Cen at the bureau was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Sandu government would further clarify their responsibility to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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