Official urges Washington to handle Taiwan question with caution

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/6/13 22:43:41

A Chinese mainland spokesperson Wednesday expressed firm opposition against official contact between the United States and Taiwan "in any form."

"The US should adhere to the one-China principle and the three joint communiques between China and the United States so as not to undermine bilateral ties and peace and stability in the region," said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson with the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, commenting on a US official attending the dedication ceremony of the new office complex of the American Institute in Taiwan on Tuesday.

"Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party administration will only further damage cross-Strait relations by implicating foreign powers," Ma said.

The Taiwan question, which is  vital to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, remains the most important and sensitive issue in China-US relations, Ma said.

Ma also urged the US to handle this issue with caution.

Ma also said on Wednesday that the Chinese mainland has the resolve, the confidence, and the ability to defeat separatist attempts at "Taiwan independence" in any form, and to defend China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"We will never allow the historical tragedy of national division to repeat itself, and nobody should underestimate our resolve and strength," said Ma.

Newspaper headline: Official urges Washington to handle Taiwan with caution


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