China hotel checklist

By Joel Odota Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/14 17:13:39

China is famous for its wide network of hotels from single star to 5-star. Some of the luxury hotels in China are owned by giant companies with branches in many countries including the West.

As a rule, most hotels in China will provide you with high-speed internet and the option for a single, double or twin room, and rates vary from one hotel to the other.

However, hotel services are different across countries. But when looking up accommodation options in China in particular, take note of these tips and tricks.

Beware of fake booking sites. and Agoda are popular and can give you a long list of hotels in China but Ctrip, an equivalent of the two is preferred. There are both English and Chinese versions of Ctrip. Again, use the Chinese version for your bookings as it is relatively cheaper than the English version. But wherever you are, use a legitimate platform.

Not all hotels in China allow foreigners. While most hotels accept international guests, some only accept Chinese locals. Be sure to check carefully when booking if your hotel stipulates that rooms are only rented to local residents or allow international guests. This is something you can't get around as a foreigner, so it is better to make sure you have the right hotel in advance than arriving and realizing you can't stay there. 

You must pay an extra cash deposit at check-in. Another unique part of the hotels is when you have to pay your hotel fees including taxes at booking and are still asked to make an extra deposit, which will be held for the duration of your stay. The deposit amount varies depending on the hotel, but you will get this money back at check-out. Keep your deposit slips and receipts for reimbursement.

 Register with the local police within 24 hours. All foreigners are required by law to have their passport details taken by the nearest police or Public Security Bureau within 24 hours upon check-in. This is still an unquestioned policy but don't worry, as most hotels will provide this service for you.

Don't bend the rules. Chinese hotels will usually give you a whole set of rules to which you must agree. Rule-breakers could be handled terribly. Any breach of hotel terms could get you into trouble.

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