Wedomé opens its first unmanned smart bakery store in Beijing

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/6/14 18:38:39

The unmanned smart bakery store promises a more convenient buying experience for customers. Photos: Courtesy of Wedomé

The first local unmanned smart bakery store was opened on May 25 in Beijing HuaPu International Plaza in Chaoyang district by the domestic bakery brand Wedomé, with an aim to provide a more convenient and easy way of consumption for the public.

The unmanned smart bakery store was the result of a collaboration between Wedomé and Alibaba, in which the modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) image recognition and mobile payment are involved.

Customers can put their chosen products onto the automatic counter, and the image recognition device will identify the products before payment is made via mobile phone. Meanwhile, for those who ordered products online, they can type in their given code to get their pre-ordered products.

According to Wedomé, the introduction of an unmanned bakery came to reality to meet the increasing demand of the post-90s and -95s generations, who are becoming the major consuming group with the habits of buying things with mobile payments and not cash. Self-service coffee maker can also be found at the store.

"The ultimate pursuance, the focus on perfection and pioneering spirit, is what I have always held dear. This collaboration with Alibaba over the launch of an unmanned smart store that combines the internet and AI technologies with the operation of a physical store is a new start for us," the founder of Wedomé Huang Li said, adding that they will further expand this new business model in the future.


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