Mainstream view supports Sino-Russian ties

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/7/2 22:53:39

A Chinese article harshly criticizing Beijing-Moscow relations has been recently translated into Russian by a Russian website. VOA Chinese reported the event, saying that the article has drawn attention in Russia and continues to ferment on China's internet.

The article used the Chernobyl accident as an example to disparage Russian technology. It accused Sino-Russian nuclear cooperation of harming Chinese citizens' interests and harshly attacked Beijing-Moscow ties and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Apparently, the post only reflects a minority of Chinese' view on developing strategic ties with Russia. These people worship the West and have no understanding of the strategic significance of developing Sino-Russian ties. They often hype Russia's invasion of China in history and the country's isolation by the West.

Such a view is absolutely not Chinese society's mainstream perception of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. Voices praising Russian people and President Putin are frequently heard on China's internet.

Polls suggest that the Chinese approval rating of Russia is among the highest of all countries interviewed, and such an appreciation is reflected in many aspects of Sino-Russian communications.

For instance, unlike the West, Chinese society supports Russia's hosting of the World Cup and cheers for the Russian national team.

The article is extremely sensational and unprofessional, with many examples fabricated. It has clear-cut political purposes of instigating Chinese "anti-Russia" sentiment and jeopardizing Sino-Russian ties. Whether the post was uploaded from outside China is hard to say.

Russia is one of the few major powers in the world that is still exploring and constructing nuclear power stations. Among all nuclear power plants exported in the post-Soviet Union era, eight nuclear power units have already been put into operation, six are being constructed and deals have been reached on many other units.

The nuclear power units exported to China are completely different from those of Chernobyl. Russia-exported units under operation in China have extraordinary security records, and their comprehensive performances are not inferior to those exported from the West.

Russian technology has played an active and even indispensable role in China's technological development. It has not only addressed China's imminent realistic demands, but also provided China with bargaining chips in negotiations with Western firms. Allegations that China's purpose of importing Russian technology is to better develop Sino-Russian ties are ignorant and absurd.

Although the article has been translated and circulated in Russia, it doesn't mean Russian society would equate the article with China's popular attitude on Russia.

Chinese media outlets have also quoted Russia's radical minority's voices on China before, but given the diversity in the internet era, we are clear about the extent to which those views truly represent the Russian public.

The article also accused China of purchasing oil from Russia at a much higher price than from the US. This is nonsense. The Chinese public should beware that those making such claims either have no basic knowledge of Sino-Russian energy cooperation or are instigators with ulterior motives.

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