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Source:Global Times Published: 2018/7/19 18:49:54

Promotional material for Into the Badlands Photos: IC

Promotional material for Into the Badlands Photos: IC

After well-known Chinese American actor Daniel Wu recently criticized the Emmy Awards for snubbing his AMC TV series Into the Badlands when it came to nominations in the Outstanding Stunt Coordination category, Hollywood discrimination against Chinese has become a hot topic of discussion on Chinese social media.

The star made the criticism on his social media accounts on July 12, expressing his dissatisfaction that the show, which features large amount of highly choreographed fight scenes, was overlooked.

"Why do you think we get no love within the industry? " wrote the 43-year-old actor in one of his posts.

His question quickly received a response from fans and movie lovers online and the English posts were later translated and spread on Chinese social media, leading many netizens in China to criticize the awards.

"Hollywood discriminates against Asians, it's not something that only the Emmys do," commented Du She Ba Ke, a social media influencer in the movie sector who has more than 2.25 million followers, on Sina Weibo.

"Hollywood giving Chinese the cold shoulder is nothing new. I just feel heartbroken for Daniel," said netizen Huanqiu Yingshi Fengyunbang, who has 370,000 followers.

There were also those who placed blame squarely on the show itself. These critics argued that the show disappointed others when it came to its presentation and as such it was pointless to fault the Emmy Awards for not being nominated.

"Many people think that their work is great, but sorry, there are limited seats for the awards," said netizen Zoetropee on Sina Weibo in a comment that received nearly 1,300 likes.

Some controversy has also arisen around the accuracy of the Chinese translations of Wu's posts.

Many reports and posts on social media were claiming that Wu was upset about not winning an award, instead of not being considered for the category.

While comments on these reports were generally critical of Wu, those who read the original posts were quick to clarify and defend the star.

First premiering on AMC in 2015, the show kicked off its third season on April 22.


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