Beijing weather is tricky

By Joel Odota Source:Global Times Published: 2018/7/25 18:03:39

I can testify that Beijing's weather can be very tricky. I will not forget the very luminous day that reminded me of the tropical weather back home. In the tropics, we receive sunshine throughout the year. Sunshine there means it's hot outside, but that was not the case last September.

I happily walked out in my tank top and could not wait to enjoy a warm, sunny day in the dazzling city of Beijing. Upon stepping out of the house, the cold air was intense, and I thought we were in the middle of winter.

I immediately retreated back to my room. My Chinese friend saw me and could not stop laughing. That was when I realized that what the weather looks like through a window is not always a good indicator of what the temperature is outside.

Another example happened just last week. When I looked out my window and saw it was raining, my instincts told me that it must be cold. I got my two kilogram jacket on and was on my way to have lunch at a restaurant near my apartment. As soon as I walked out of the door, it was swelteringly hot, and I started sweated immensely. I went right back to my apartment to put my summer shorts on.

Beijing's weather is very erratic and extreme. The summers are severely hot and winters intensely cold. I had to alter my thoughts of the weather here. Telling clouds and the sky apart has sometimes become a tug of war for the naked eye because of the immense pollution. The sunshine and droplets of rain seen through apartment windows are no longer the best yardsticks for determining the temperature outside.

Do not be surprised if your colleague turns on the air con amidst a heavy rain and neither should you laugh at someone wearing short-sleeved shirts and confidently walking in stormy weather during summer.

Seasons in China can be very unusual and each of them presents unique characteristics. To enjoy the alternating weather in Beijing, make sure you check the weather forecast every day before drawing up your plans, and choose your clothing accordingly. There are many apps that relieve you from weather disappointments. There are also many handy air quality monitoring apps as well, such as Air Visual. Once you have these, you can handle the smog and triumph over the extremely dynamic weather in China.

This article was published on the Global Times Metropolitan section Two Cents page, a space for reader submissions, including opinion, humor and satire. The ideas expressed are those of the author alone, and do not represent the position of the Global Times.


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