Five hundred families move out of lane houses

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/7/29 17:48:40

A total of 521 families from one old neighborhood in Yangpu district participated in local housing reform and are expected to move from their ancient lane houses, Shanghai Observer reported Saturday.

In April, local authorities asked for advice from residents of the neighborhood about a possible relocation, which received a high approval rate (94 percent).

Lu Ruifang, a retired worker and local resident, has spent her life raising her family in a small room of around 7 square meters on Yangshupu Road. "It was rainy and windy recently, so my home was always leaking and I hardly could sleep at night," said Lu, who is expected to move out of the old neighborhood in August.

Due to the housing reform, many families like Lu's are able to move out of this ancient neighborhood and will receive a sum of money as compensation, which improves their living standard.

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