US hegemony struggles in globalization era

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/9 22:43:40

US impulses to confront and contain China have reached an apex. There were accusations against China's Belt and Road initiative (BRI) during a dinner including CEOs and senior White House staff Wednesday, saying that it was "insulting" and has the potential to disrupt trade worldwide.

Radical statements and actions against China emerge almost every day in the US. Washington initiated a trade war with Beijing and now it is criticizing China's BRI. Why is the US so emotional?

The main reason is that the US' old geopolitical thinking won't help Washington win a trade war which is going against the trend of the times.

Although Washington declares a trade war aims at achieving a trade balance between the two countries, more people believe that its actual purpose is to obstruct China's technological development and counter China's economic model.

However, a trade war can't realize their goals as China's trade surplus with the US further rose in June. In any case, the Chinese people will hold the initiative in technological development and economic reform. It's absurd to start a tariff war with China.

Now the US has lashed out at the BRI. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced $113 million in the Indo-Pacific focused on infrastructure, which was interpreted as countering the BRI by the Western media. Washington wants to eliminate the BRI's geopolitical influence and yet the initiative is not geopolitical.

The BRI opens to the outside world.  It is a reciprocal initiative without interfering politically in any countries. The US will only fail by trying to find and eliminate China's "geopolitical influence" from those countries.

US strategic thinking and approaches are falling behind the times, and its purpose is unrealistic and hegemonic. Consequently, Washington's ineffective provocation only harms itself, and it has to boast about its fake victory because of anger and anxiety.

"America First" can at most be an aspiration that encourages the US. However, the current administration regards it as a bottom line for human beings and a common goal worldwide, while Americans only need to vote for the president and enjoy the fruits. It couldn't be more ridiculous.

The trade war can be seen as US hegemony's struggle during globalization. Washington won't accept Beijing's rise, and it's too desperate to address its own problems. China has so far adopted a correct strategy against the cranky US. First, China must firmly stand up to the vehement impact brought on by the trade war and make the US suffer alike. We will continue with the trade fight as needed until Washington realizes it has done wrong.

China will also fight its way out of the trade war, but won't act in the insane manner of the US. US public suspicions of Chinese students spying on the country and calls for a witch hunt against Chinese demonstrate that something is seriously wrong with the ideology of the US.

While fighting the trade war, China has been promoting reform and opening-up. While the US creates difficulties for Chinese companies over there, China works to pacify American firms here. It's clear who is more open-minded and capable of handling challenges. China's capacity and calmness will decide where the trade war heads.

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