The heat is on us!

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/10 0:03:42

Illustrations: Peter C. Espina/GT

When even polar bears in the Arctic are feeling the heat, it is easy to understand that the entire Northern Hemisphere is sizzling. China has been tormented by unrelenting heat and humidity over the last few weeks, thanks in large measure to global warming that has thrown weather all over the globe into chaos. And it's not unique to this year. The latest research reveals that we could soon cross a threshold leading to the mercury shooting up like never before, and sea levels rising to threaten human and marine life. In fact, even if countries meet their carbon dioxide slashing targets, we won't be in for better times soon. The only remedy seems to be doing one's bit to minimize damage to the environment by using less plastic, reducing use of paper and adopting other green ways of doing things. This would help in the long run and save the planet.

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