Come rain or shine

Source:Agencies – Global Times Published: 2018/8/12 0:03:40

Neither extreme heat nor rainfall can keep determined visitors and historical drama fans away from the Palace Museum in Beijing

Heavy rain can't stop tourists from visiting the Forbidden City. Photo: VCG


Tourists visit the Palace Museum in the rain. Photo: VCG


Visitors tour the Forbidden City in the rain. Photo: VCG


Dressed for the rain, foreigners enjoy their tour of the Forbidden City. Photo: VCG


A visitor takes a photo of the Forbidden City in the rain. Photo: VCG


Visitors take selfies at the Forbidden City. Photo: VCG

With the broadcast of Story of Yanxi Palace, a Chinese TV series set against the history of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), more and more soup opera fans are visiting the Palace Museum in Beijing, which is where all the main characters in the show used to live in times gone by. Recently, a video describing the best tour route in the Forbidden City went viral on the Chinese internet.

According to the video, the best sightseeing route starts from the Meridian Gate and goes through the Hall of Martial Valor to the Hall of Literary Brilliance, Gate of Supreme Harmony, the Halls of Supreme Harmony, Halls of Central Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony. After exiting all the "harmony" halls, the video invites visitors to continue to the Palace of Tranquil Longevity, the Hall for Ancestral Worship, the Area of the Six Western Palaces, the Six Eastern Palaces and exit from the Gate of Divine Prowess at the north gate of the Forbidden City, which is also known to visitors as the Palace Museum.

The video has gotten a lot of likes on Chinese social media, but according to Zhang Sheng, a volunteer interpreter who works inside the museums' Ceramics Gallery and Hall of Clocks, the "best sightseeing route" has some mistakes.

"The person [who drew the map] did it according to their imagination," Zhang said. "There is no best route. This map only shows tourists how to visit more palaces during a limited time."

The Forbidden City has two gates: the East Prosperity Gate and the Gate of Divine Prowess, which are located in the east and north of the Forbidden City. Before visiting, tourists can first determine which gate they will exit through and then choose a route accordingly.

Although there is no best route, the Palace Museum's official website recommends five routes for visitors. The time it takes to complete the routes ranges from two hours to an entire day. Additionally, visitors can refer to the official website to get more detailed information about the Forbidden City and choose a route according to what they would like to see most.


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