Stunned player waits 5 mins for ambulance

By Wang Huayun Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/12 22:23:39

Media, fans lambaste authorities for amateur medical preparedness

Changchun Yatai midfielder Wang Shouting is treated by physios in the Chinese Super League game against Guangzhou Evergrande on Saturday in Changchun, Jilin Province. Photo: VCG


A player lay unconscious for nearly 5 minutes on the pitch during a Chinese Super League (CSL) game in Changchun, Jilin Province as bumbling officials struggled to break open the back door of an ambulance on Saturday.

Changchun Yatai midfielder Wang Shouting was eventually taken to hospital where doctors said it was nothing serious.

Barely 10 seconds after kickoff in the game between Yatai and Guangzhou Ever­grande, Wang collided in the air with Yang Liyu competing for the ball.

Physios from both teams ran onto the pitch to look at Wang, and an ambulance was summoned.

But when the emergency vehicle ­arrived pitchside two minutes later, nobody could open the back door.

Video clips showed one man kicking the back door as he tries to pull open the latch, while another inside seems to be searching for an unlock button.

The back door finally opened nearly 2 minutes, 30 seconds later and then Wang, who had just woken up, was ­taken to the vehicle on a stretcher. The ambulance drove off about a minute ­after that.

All in all, Wang left for hospital around 5 minutes and 40 seconds ­after he lost consciousness.

Media and fans immediately launched an online barrage against the league.

The incident embarrassed Chinese soccer, according to the Information Times. "At such a critical time, the back door of the ambulance could not be opened - Chinese soccer is still far from being professional," the Guangzhou-­based newspaper said.

"The first-aid equipment at the stadium was too simple. There was no oxygen device and the back door of the ambulance could not be opened immediately.

"The unconscious player just lay there for more than three minutes waiting for them to open the door."

Evergrande coach Fabio Cannavaro expressed his concern at the post-match news conference.

"I'd like to suggest to the organizing committee: Players' lives must be taken seriously," the Italian said.

"You can't just wait around for minutes in a critical situation. The ambulance and first-aid equipment should always be ready."

Meanwhile on Dongqiudi, one of China's most popular soccer sites, internet user @qiwoniukanshijie led the charge.

"A man's life could be decided by three minutes' waiting," he posted.

Some tried to defend the relevant ­authorities.

"This is the fault of the medical center," posted @qiubitehahaha. "How could you call Chinese soccer unprofessional for this?"

His words were liked by hundreds, but it seemed more fans did not agree.

"Why isn't this related to Chinese ­soccer?" asked @King-Hyciyuan. "What is an organizing committee supposed to do? Isn't logistical support a part of their work?"

"Please take the issue seriously," posted @lihaisheng18.

"Success depends on details and medical logistics is a vital part of professional soccer."

Yatai shocked the defending champions 3-2 thanks to an injury-time winner from forward Tan Long, who also scored an equalizer in the 84th minute. 

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