Opening-up, reform break new ground

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/8/13 23:13:40

Reform and opening-up have broken new ground for China and should be advanced with resolution and courage, according to a commentary published on state media Monday.

The Chinese-language commentary, which was published under the byline "Xuanyan" in the People's Daily, summarized China's achievements in reform and opening-up.

Four decades of reform and opening-up have brought "epic progress" to an old country, said the article.

Citing statistics, it noted that urban per capita disposable income increased to about 36,000 yuan ($5,245) in 2017 from 343 yuan in 1978, while rural per capita net income rose to 13,400 yuan from 134 yuan. More than 700 million Chinese were lifted out of absolute poverty, accounting for over 70 percent of global poverty reduction during the period, it noted. Starting from the verge of collapse, China's economy has caught up fast, with its size surpassing Italy, France, Britain, Germany, and Japan to achieve second place in the world, according to the article.

What China has achieved enabled the world to develop "a whole new understanding of socialism" and proved that the Western model of modernization is not the sole pattern but only one of many choices, it commented.


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