Five hundred new titles at this year’s Shanghai Book Fair

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/15 19:43:40

The books have arrived

The annual Shanghai Book Fair was unveiled at 9 am on Wednesday. Since it was first launched in 2004, the book fair, which has the theme of "Love Reading, Love Life," has grown into a nationally renowned cultural brand and a platform for national reading activities.

Shanghai Book Fair opens paperbacks and minds

Starting Wednesday, book lovers can gather again at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, the main venue of the Shanghai Book Fair, and 100 branch venues, including 78 bookstores, 16 public libraries and six studies renovated from farmhouses across the city to participate in over 1,150 reading related activities, including 660 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Around 500 different new books will debut at this year's book fair.

A senior reader takes a close look at the back cover of a book at the Shanghai Book Fair on Wednesday. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


A senior reader reads a book and a young reader checks his mobile phone on a step. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


Book fair on the second floor Photo: Yang Hui/GT


Foreigners at the book fair Photo: Yang Hui/GT


Two elderly readers talk with volunteers. Photo: Song Yingqi/GT


Two readers at the book fair Photo: Yang Hui/GT


Readers queue up for a security check. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


A throng of readers choose books at the Shanghai Book Fair on Wednesday. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


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