Chinese zoo angers visitors with dog in tiger cage

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/15 20:18:40

A zoo on Beijing's outskirts got visitors roaring after they found a dog in a cage marked "Siberian tiger," among other mislabels.

A Weibo user "Schlieffen" posted a photo Monday of what appears to be a caged husky at the Yuhe Zoo in Langfang, Hebei Province, which made the rounds on social media.

A number of posts from visitors made similar claims: cages labeled "long-eared rabbits" housed regular rabbits, the crocodile pond was instead inhabited by swans, and cages marked "owl" and "golden eagle" also contained dogs.

"There were a lot of signs that didn't match up," Weibo user "Schlieffen" later told Beijing Youth Daily.

The park responded on Tuesday that many of the larger animals were removed earlier this year and the signs had yet to be changed.

According to an employee, visitors were informed of the changes upon purchasing tickets.

Ticket prices had also been reduced.

"We're just a small private zoo," said an employee. "These problems do exist, and we are quickly changing them."

Beijing Youth Daily


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