Chinese are releasing huntsman spiders in their homes to eat up roaches

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/30 18:38:43

The huntsman spider is the ultimate cockroach killer: it's fast, non-toxic to humans and likes to eat roaches.

That's why people in China are letting them loose in their homes to tackle their roach infestations.

Vendors selling the spiders on sites like Taobao have reported a recent increase in business, media reported.

Videos posted in their stores show the huntsman in action, snapping up roaches with lightning speed.

The arachnid exterminators sell between 10 and 30 yuan ($1.5 to $4.4) based on size. 

Taobao vendor "xiaochongleyuan" saw 1,536 orders in August.

Demand seems to be driving up prices. "At first I thought it was a bit expensive for a spider. But when I saw it preying on roaches, I felt it was money well spent," read one review.

However, not everyone is satisfied with their spider's performance.

"I have as many cockroaches as before. And it even spins webs in my house," read another review.

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