Online rumor-refuting platform launched

By Xinhua – Global Time Source:Xinhua-Global Times Published: 2018/8/30 19:48:40

A national-level platform to alert the public about online rumors and refute slander was launched in Beijing on Wednesday.

The platform is hosted by the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center under the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and operated by

The platform operates under the guidance of 27 units, such as the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the National Development and Reform Commission. The platform allows the public to quickly discover and debunk rumors floating around online, while at the same time throwing light on pseudo-scientific theories.

So far, more than 40 rumor-refuting platforms have been integrated into the national one. Cutting-edge technology is also utilized to improve performance at tackling online rumors.

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