Parents fume over advert-heavy TV program aimed at students

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/2 16:53:39

China's State broadcaster has issued an apology Sunday after parents complained that an educational TV show instead exposed young viewers to a barrage of long commercials and an "effeminate" opening act.

Parents took to the social media after they found the program, "First Class for New Semester", which was aired on CCTV-1 at 8:00 pm Saturday, was preceded with 13 minutes of ads.

Many of the adverts targeted students and their parents, involving such services as tutoring and after-school classes.

Produced by China Central Television (CCTV) and the Ministry of Education since 2008 to mark the new semester, the annual program aims to encourage innovation and creativity among students.

On its official website August 23, the Ministry of Education instructed primary and secondary schools to "inform every parent about the broadcast time" and "require them to watch the program with their children."

Some parents received notices from schools requiring them to send photographic evidence they had watched the program with their kids. Some students were assigned to review the program as homework.

Among the complaints was disapproval for the program's opening musical act New F4, a quartet of male pop idols, who apparently weren't masculine enough for some on Sina Weibo.

One of the comments, "If young people are effeminate, that means so is the country," was widely shared on Weibo.

After the broadcast, parents in turn demanded the ministry and CCTV apologize for the advert-laden program.

CCTV posted an apology on its WeChat account Sunday. "The excessive advertisements had an influence on both parents and students viewing the program, for which we sincerely apologize," read the post.

Global Times

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