46 arrested protesting at city schools

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/2 23:23:39

Police arrested 46 people outside government buildings and schools in the city of Leiyang, Central China's Hunan Province, on Sunday morning, where more than 600 parents and other demonstrators protested a policy to reduce class sizes that may see children sent to surrounding rural areas for schooling.

The protest turned violent when parents gathered in front of schools and government offices with banners on Saturday which hampered the traffic, Leiyang police said on Sunday.

Fifteen people were taken away by police on Saturday, police of Leiyang reported on their official Weibo microblog on Sunday.

Police said protesters hurled bricks, firecrackers and gasoline bottles, injuring 30 during the standoff.

Police detained 46 of these protestors on Sunday morning and found only one demonstrator taken into custody was a parent.

The others irrelevant people, included a theft suspect and six with previous criminal records, police said.

Lack of city education facilities have resulted in classes of 66 or more students.

The city's school districts are pushed to the limit: 740 classes report 66 or more students a class, the Hengyang Daily reported.

Global Times

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