China-Africa cooperation charts a new path of mutual benefits

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/3 22:20:10

China-Africa cooperation charts a new path

Almost all African leaders are gathering in Beijing for the ongoing summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. The grand occasion has left a deep impression on both Chinese and foreign publics, and attracted many interpretations.

China has not only achieved industrialization itself, but also become the biggest driving force to lead Africa toward industrialization. For any major region, industrialization is the foundation of modernization as well as the only way to achieve development. The West has been putting the cart before the horse when it comes to its Africa policy. It emphasizes political governance yet overlooks industrialization. Western NGOs are very active in Africa, but what the continent needs most is transportation lines, power plants and manufacturing industries.

China-Africa cooperation has created a new way of cooperating with equality, mutual benefits and fruitful results. It made the West, which always wants to exercise leadership in Africa but always fails in doing so, feel uncomfortable. It is thus natural for some Western forces to use their advantage in shaping public opinion to make up for their disadvantaged position in economic collaboration with Africa.

But only actions, not words, can bring about results. The great achievements of China-Africa cooperation can be easily seen on African soil. They have been to the advantage of both sides and accumulated huge momentum for such collaboration to continue.

China has become one of the most significant powers in the world. China has foresight and strong power to put into effect. But for the moment, China lacks the capability to express itself.

The Chinese people must believe that China is on the right path. Such confidence should come from the comparison with other countries' achievements in recent years as well as the comparison to our past.

Chinese people should also be aware that major powers must fulfill their obligations. Otherwise they can hardly stay where they are for long, not to mention going forward. It's a petty mind-set to think that it is immoral to aid foreign countries because there are still poor people in China. It can hardly guide the nation's grand practice.

At the initial phase of China's reform and opening-up, the West had somewhat objective opinions on China. But as China rises, Western opinion has become more and more twisted and deviated from objectivity. We need more rationality and moral strength to extricate ourselves from the influence of the West.

In the past, China lacked experiences in strategic judgment and was not able to walk a unique path on the world stage. But today is different. As a world power, China can hardly find any model to follow. China must embark on an independent path while receiving unwarranted accusations.

It is difficult to be a major power. China faces complicated choices, while drawing manifold criticism and unjust hostility. But today's China is what the Chinese people hoped for decades ago. The life of the Chinese public and the country's global influence are beyond what people at that time could think of.

The Chinese people must cherish what the country has earned them. China has no alternative but to continue to learn how to deal with the world in the 21st century.

Newspaper headline: China-Africa cooperation charts a new path

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