Driver runs over police to avoid parking ticket in Shanghai

By Qi Xijia Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/4 23:13:40

The driver of a car-hailing vehicle hit a police car in downtown Shanghai when he was caught violating traffic rules but refused to cooperate with police.

Online videos show the car suddenly reverse and ran into three traffic police officers, before crashing into a police vehicle.

"The driver got irritated and confronted the police before he was taken into the police car. After 10 minutes he returned to his car and drove towards the police," a man surnamed Ji who witnessed the incident, told the Global Times.

The incident caused no casualties. The driver is under investigation for endangering public safety.

The Shanghai Observer reported that the driver, 34, surnamed Li came to Shanghai in March to work as a driver with Didi Chuxing and Meituan, two car-hailing platforms in China. He had no passenger at the time of the incident. Didi Chuxing has since blocked his account. reported that when the incident occurred, Li went berserk when the police insisted on enforcing the law, which would mean losing his driver's license.

Li had already accumulated 11 points from his previous traffic violations and faced a temporary suspension of his driver's license if he were fined another three points for illegal parking.

Trying to avoid traffic tickets is not uncommon in the car-hailing service in Shanghai. In April, a traffic police officer in Jing'an district was reportedly dragged over 10 meters when he attempted to enforce the law on a hailing car for illegal parking.

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