A holy wedding in the Ubud Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/6 19:43:40

Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve's wedding set Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton

Ubud, reputed as the "holy island," is the cultural and spiritual center of Bali Island. In Ubud, you seem to be in carefree heaven, where you may feel the strong local tradition and energy, and experience the extraordinary culture and comfortable natural landscape.

Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve located at the primitive village of Ubub, is regarded as the top destination for a wedding in Bali.

At the eve of a wedding, the newly married and their guests may stay in a private villa which hosts a swimming pool and beautiful views of the rainforest, verdant rice fields and the broad Ayung River. The environment is equipped with exquisite and elegant furnishings and leaves guests feeling comfort and privacy.

They may paddle in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the physical and mental pleasure brought by the verdant rice fields. They may also roam in the broad outdoor landscape platform and totally relax themselves in the magical riverbank landscape and the forests on the overlapping peaks.

Our guests will also enjoy walking across green rice fields and forests, climbing the peak of an active volcano, learning the traditional Barone dance as well as mythical stories and bathe their feet in the fresh river water. When the night falls, the bachelor party can be held in the Sawah cliff restaurant where guests can dance to music while overlooking the Ayung River.

It is the best choice to begin the day of a wedding at the spa in Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Ubub is a well-known spa for both the body and spirit with its unique natural environment. The resident spa technicians also combine the advanced spa technology with the local plants that contain medicinal value which may help cure the body and relax the mind.

After being cleaned and nourished in the spa, the bride and groom will meet by the  Ayung River and swap their wedding vows in the surroundings of green trees. Friends and relatives are seated in an area capable of holding 100 people. In addition, the hotel also provides various authentic Mandapa wedding rituals, such as the rice field wedding and the villa wedding.

The reception ends at dawn and the newly wedded will welcome the first day of their wedding as lovers. They may take a walk hand in hand by the rice field, lean close to each other by the river and listen to the flowing water, or spend the undisturbed time in the comfortable villa. At this moment, there is only their romance and sweetness in their world, and the unforgettable memory of their life.

The greatness of Ubub brings the holy halo to Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve. The hotel expects to convey the holiness to the newly wedded who choose to hold their wedding ceremony here. In the private villa, the fascinating rice field and lawn, the unique Ayung River, the holy temple or the broad gathering pavilion, the Mandapa wedding will make everyone feel love, holiness and romance with its unique and meaningful ambience.

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