Cyber witchhunt

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/6 21:26:56

Illustrations: Xia Qing/GT

What does it take to make a decent person? There are numerous ways of doing it. And what does it take to ruin a person? Nowadays, a virtual manhunt, or "human flesh search," is enough to devastate a life. So did a student to his teacher. A junior high schooler stalked his teacher, harassed him online and made hateful phone calls because the teacher criticized his beloved novel Patriarch of Sorcerers. And believing that the educator deserved a worse deal, he let loose other fans of the novel to do the same, until the teacher attempted suicide. The "radicalization" of fans is a concern. They go to any lengths to launch a cyber manhunt as long as they find their idols being found fault with. To cap it, a growing number of adolescents have joined the ranks. Misuse of the internet is of course to blame, but their idols are no less at fault. The teacher must have had a reason to criticize the novel, which is about love between boys. Is it really appropriate reading material for young children? The nation's internet authority should reflect on the rising trend of "human flesh search," and the obsessive fans should learn how to adore something they like without harming others.

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