Pregnant teachers puzzled by selection for distant work program

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/10 23:08:40

A county-level middle school in Zhanjiang, South China's Guangdong Province allegedly asked multiple pregnant teachers to be relocated to rural areas around the county, which sparked heated discussion with many denouncing this move as discrimination against pregnant women.

More than 60 teachers at Dacheng Middle School, in Zhanjiang's Suixi county, received notice from their school on August 28, telling them that the school has too many teachers so they will be relocated to other schools 70-80 kilometers away from the county as part of a teacher support program, Beijing-based news portal reported on Sunday.

Most of these teachers are female, and 12 of the teachers are pregnant, and others have babies or kids in kindergartens, the website said.

The school did not specifically arrange pregnant teachers to take part in the program. It was the county's bureau of education who made the choice, Zhao Kang, office director of the school, told the after this incident sparked controversy online.

The teachers' family situation, health situation and pregnancy were all put under consideration in the selection for the program, according to Zhao.

Zhu Yun (pseudonym), among those relocated, told a reporter that she is eight-month pregnant and was told to go to another school for a year.

Zhu said the notice came without asking for her opinion and she does not know how she was named on the list.

The school is unwilling to provide further information, including the concrete numbers of teachers involved and their future plans.

Legal experts told that the school must ask for teachers' permission before arranging them on a teacher support program, not to mention if one is pregnant.

Global Times

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