Locals wait up to 10 hours to buy mooncakes

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/11 18:28:39

Many time-honored food stores in Shanghai are welcoming long queues of customers waiting for fresh-baked mooncakes as Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Knews reported Monday.

One food store on Huaihai Road Middle of Huangpu district seems particularly popular, where residents queued up for 10 hours the other night, waiting till morning when the store opens.

A video shows that, around 9 pm on Monday, quite a lot of people were already waiting in line. Some elderly men were seen sitting on stools or sleeping on cardboard all through the night.

According to store staff, they open at 7 am. When questioned whether there were any scalpers, employees said they had no right to interfere with scalping as long as people stayed in line.

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