Fans stopped from waving rainbow flags, removed from Shanghai concert

By Xu Hailin Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/13 19:43:40

Fans were stopped from waving rainbow flags during Wednesday's concert of Dua Lipa in Shanghai with others escorted out by security staff.

A fan named Elsa (pseudonym) told the Global Times on Thursday that she saw security staff stopping fans in front of her from waving rainbow flags.

"I'm not sure if the security staff took away their flags, but I heard that the staff left them alone after they folded the flag," Elsa said.

Videos circulated on China's social media show security staff pulling people out of their seats if they refuse to sit down as ordered.

"I told you to sit down, but you won't. Why should I apologize?" a security staffer told fans, the videos show.

"Fans stood up after the second song as the mood was really good. However, a big group of security staff showed up carrying flashlights and laser pointers, and asked everyone to sit down," Elsa recalled.

A girl jumped to hug the security staff as she thought they came to interact with her, but she was immediately thrown down to the ground and pulled away, video footage shows.

The Live Nation, the organizer of the concert, told the Global Times on Thursday that an official statement would be released. The company has not responded to the case as of press time.

Dua Lipa is a popular British singer whose songs are played mostly on Spotify, a large streaming music platform. Her song "One Kiss" has topped British charts for eight consecutive weeks, according to online ticketing platform

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