The fourth IEEE international multimedia big data conference (BigMM2018) held in Xi'an

Source:Northwestern Polytechnical University Published: 2018/9/17 17:01:37

The multi-media big data technology application will enter the fast lane

The opening ceremony of the fourth IEEE international multimedia big data conference was held in the Xi'an International Conference Center on September 14, 2018. As an important international conference in the field of research, development and application of multimedia large data, more than 100 experts and scholars from various countries that include the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia were gathered to communicate about the frontiers of multimedia large data theory and modeling, content analysis and data mining, in-depth learning and brain-computer integration

The conference was hosted by the IEEE computer society, co-sponsored by the Chinese Computer Society and Northwestern Polytechnical University. Professor Zhang Yanning of Northwest Polytechnic University, Professor Ma Huadong of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Professor Antonio J. Plaza of the University of Estremadura in Spain co-chaired the conference. Professor Zhang Yanning presided over the opening ceremony of the conference. Han Kaixing, vice president of Shaanxi Provincial Association for science and technology, was invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Professor Ma Huadong of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Professor Huang Qingming of the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences made speeches to introduce the theme, organization and potential contribution of the conference.

The IEEE International Multimedia Conference is the most influential interdisciplinary International Conference in the field of multimedia data. The first three sessions were held in China's Beijing and Taipei and US' California. It has set up an important platform for international academic exchanges and scientific research achievements sharing in the field of multimedia large data and promoting technological innovation in this field.

The meeting lasted for four days, experts and industry participants focused on the theme of "multimedia data technology and its application". They also discussed multidisciplinary integration and deep development of big data multimedia technology, studied the multimedia technology innovation and industrial upgrading and reviewed other hot issues. They shared cutting-edge technology and looked at industrial hotspots in the field of multimedia big data.


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