Chinese authorities release new movie ticket regulations

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/20 18:43:42

Film ticket sellers must optimize and simplify procedures for ticket refunds and exchanges, a notice released by the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association announced on Tuesday.

According to the notice, cinema chains, cinema investment companies and cinemas must clearly outline terms concerning ticket refunds and exchanges and clarify rights and liabilities when signing cinema ticket listing agreements with third-party ticketing platforms. Meanwhile, cinemas must post notices outlining ticket refunds and exchange terms in lobbies to ensure that consumers are informed prior to purchasing tickets.

Third-party ticketing platforms, cinema websites and apps must implement pop-up notifications to inform online consumers of these terms prior to purchase. Tickets can only be purchased once a customer agrees to the terms by pressing the notification.

Regulations also forbid film distributors, studios and cinemas from subsidizing online ticketing platforms, which analysts predict will lead to a rise in online ticket prices, which currently tend to be cheaper than prices in cinemas.

The new regulations will go into effect on October 1.

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