China opens embassy in Dominican Republic

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/9/22 18:31:14

China's national anthem was heard in the Dominican Republic on Friday, as China opened its embassy in the country's capital Santo Domingo.

The foreign ministers of both countries presided over the early-morning opening ceremony, which drew Dominican cabinet members and legislators, ambassadors from other Latin American countries, and representatives of private sectors.

"It is a historic moment. The relationship between China and the Dominican Republic has opened a new page," Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

The inauguration comes a little more than four months after the two countries established diplomatic ties on May 1, following several years of trade exchanges.

For the roughly ten million Dominicans, stronger ties with China mean more opportunities for economic growth and development.

"I am very happy ... to have contributed to achieving this historic goal for our countries," Rosa Ng Baez, the former Dominican trade representative in Beijing, said.

Ng Baez spent seven years in China working to bring the two countries closer together through trade.

"The only thing I can say is long live China and long live the Dominican Republic," said Ng Baez.

The decision to establish ties with China brings Dominican foreign policy up to date, Dominican Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas told Xinhua, adding that the Caribbean nation could not ignore a country that represents 20 percent of the global population and the world's second-biggest economy.

"It is a firm and giant leap forward in the Dominican Republic's international diplomatic relations," said Vargas.

China's ability to lift millions out of poverty in recent years makes it a model for the world's developing and emerging economies, while its global development initiatives make it a coveted partner, Vargas indicated.

As part of the inauguration ceremony, the foreign ministers unveiled a plaque and gave a toast to the new bilateral relations.

The two countries are currently in the process of exploring ways to boost bilateral trade and cooperation.

In October, a Chinese shoe manufacturer is set to open a plant at one of the Dominican Republic's many special economic zones, creating 4,000 jobs for the region, according to the executive director of the National Free Zones Council Luisa Fernandez.

"I think this relationship is going to be win-win. We already export a lot of raw materials to China ... and I think now we can increase our exports of manufactured goods," said Fernandez.

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