Beijing police to review light punishment of aborted child 'abduction' case

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/5 16:01:37

Beijing police have set up a special team to review the case involving four women who were accused of robbing a child at a shopping mall but were only given a five-day detention which enraged the family and public. 

The Beijing Public Security Bureau announced on Friday that the bureau's branch in Fengtai district received a review application from the child's parents on Thursday. They claim their child was abducted and said the bureau's punishment was too light. 

The bureau set up a special team to review the case and will publicize the results in time, the announcement said.

It came after a viral post of a Sina Weibo user, "where is the rain in June," on Thursday that claimed his 11-month-old child was being robbed, but the suspects were only given a five-day detention as punishment. 

The post said his wife went to the Yintai shopping mall in Dahongmen, Fengtai to buy baby formula on Tuesday morning. While she was waiting for the elevator, three women came out and surrounded her. One of the women saw his son and said, "the child is so beautiful," then brutally dragged his son from the stroller, he said.

"When my wife stopped her, two other women came to drag my wife. My wife held our son tightly while asking for help. Cries and shouts attracted some people and a man asked another one for help," the post said. 

However, the parents went enraged after the district police refused to register the child abduction case they had filed. 

Meanwhile, images of the bureau's punishment notices the father showed said one of the suspects, Li Huaping, 62, from Shandong Province was given a five-day detention for violating the Security Administration Punishment Act. The bu-reau stated that Li mistook the child for her grandson. 

The other three were slapped with a similar punishment.

"We would like to know how long it will take for the review and when the police will register our case," the father said on Weibo. 

Beijing police said in the announcement that children are the future of the nation. They have been attaching great importance to cases related to minors and have seriously punished any violations. 

The police said they have always protected children's safety and safeguarded the parents' interest and welcome public supervision.

Global Times 

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