Elections in Brazil run smoothly, only minor problems reported

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/10/8 10:12:02

Brazil's Superior Electoral Court (TSE) said Sunday that elections ran smoothly in the country with few incidents reported.

According to the TSE, 1,695 electronic voting machines had to be replaced for several reasons. The figures represent only 0.33 percent of the 454,493 installed all over Brazil.

Manual voting was needed only in one voting site at Rio Grande do Sul state.

In the small town of Morro da Fumaca, Santa Catarina state, a man destroyed an electronic voting machine with a hammer and was promptly arrested.

According to the TSE, the hard drive where the votes so far were kept was not damaged and the votes were preserved.

On the matter of arrests, a partial record reported a total of 194 arrests of suspects of electoral crimes. According to the Federal Police, most of the arrested are suspected of vote-buying.

Voters all over Brazil lined up at voting sites on Sunday, usually having to wait for one or two hours to vote. It was attributed mostly to the biometric identification and the fact that people had six ballots to cast.

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