Top five attractions in Shanghai for overseas tourists during a visa-free transit

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/10 19:13:40

144 hours in Shanghai

Shanghai now provides a 144-hour visa-free transit which includes East China's Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces (aka the Yangtze River Delta region), targeting citizens from 53 countries and regions to allow them to travel without a tourist visa in those three areas for up to 144 hours. The Global Times has drawn up a must-see list - all accessible by subway - for those who want to spend their time in Shanghai in the most authentic way.

Western-style architecture along the banks of the Huangpu River Photo: VCG

The Bund for night views

The Bund, located in central Shanghai, is considered by many as the most attractive tourism site in the region. This scene offers different views depending on day or night, and to see them both you can arrive in the late afternoon. Start your trip by wandering down Nanjing Road East, a pedestrian street lined with many time-honored shops. At the very end of the road you will arrive at the Bund, where you can enjoy the sight of Western-style architecture along the banks of the Huangpu River. When night falls, it is a fabulous experience to see skyscrapers light up Lujiazui across the river, along with colorful illuminated river cruise boats.

Get off at subway station: People's Square (Line 1)

Admission fee: None

Visit time: 1-3 hours

The castle in Shanghai Disneyland Resort Photo: VCG

Disneyland for family fun

Although Shanghai Disneyland Resort is new to Shanghai, it has become one of the most large-scale entertainment venues in China. Located out in the distant suburbs, the resort offers a wide range of amusement facilities, making it comparable to (or even better than) any other Disneyland park in the world. A shortcoming of this particular resort is that it is notorious for its large crowds and long lines. So if possible, try to visit on a weekday instead of weekends or holidays.

Get off at subway station: Disneyland (Line 11)

Admission fee: 399 yuan (weekdays), 575 yuan (weekends)

Visit time: 1 to 2 days

A bird's eye view of Chenghuang Temple area Photo: VCG

Chenghuang Temple for authentic Shanghainese snacks

Chenghuang Temple is one of the few tourism sites in Shanghai more popular with locals than tourists. Although called a "temple," the area is better known for its traditional Chinese gardens and numerous shops selling Chinese products with regional characteristics, like traditional skincare creams and silk scarves. The biggest attraction, however, are the numerous Shanghainese snacks, ranging from stuffed buns to noodles. Most are sold in small portions so that you can taste quite a few different dishes each visit. There are also some world-renowned local restaurants, one of them being the famous Lübolang where many Western officials (like former US president Bill Clinton) have visited.

Get off at subway station: Yu Garden (Line 10)

Admission fee:

Visit time: 1-3 hours

A café on Hengshan Road Photo: Lu Ting/GT

Hengshan Road for a beer

Many locals and expats love to go to Xintiandi of Huangpu district to enjoy the "Western lifestyle," but actually Hengshan Road is a more authentic choice. This old boulevard is lined with Chinese parasol trees which provide shade over the street's many bars, clubs and restaurants, some of which were converted from ancient mansions from the past century. It has become one of Shanghai's most vibrant nightlife areas.

Get off at subway station: Hengshan Road (Line 1)

Admission fee: None

Visit time: All day, all night


A bird's eye view of Zhujiajiao ancient water town Photo: Lu Ting/GT

Zhujiajiao ancient water town for traditional village scenery

Zhujiajiao ancient water town is a small town with a traditional south-China landscape such as canals, temples and old village houses. It offers an easy-going, pleasant ambiance that contrasts with the hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai. The old town also has a large Chinese-style garden called Kezhiyuan along with many restaurants selling local river food like fresh shrimp and fish.

Get off at subway station: Zhujiajiao (Line 17)

Admission fee: None

Visit time: 1 day


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