Alibaba executive warns trade war pain will be felt globally

Source:Reuters Published: 2018/10/11 22:38:42

The escalating trade war between the US  and China is careening toward a "cold war or geopolitical war" that will reverberate around the world, a senior executive at Alibaba Group has said.

Joe Tsai, Alibaba's executive vice chairman, accused the US of starting the trade war over "an unfounded fear" that China's rise threatened the national security of the American people, the South China Morning Post said on Thursday.

Tsai was speaking at a conference hosted by the newspaper in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, a day after US President Donald Trump repeated his threat to slap tariffs on an additional $267 billion of Chinese imports.

Alibaba, China's biggest e-commerce company, owns the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post.

"It is really ill-advised for the US to launch a war of some sort targeting China, thinking that they can treat China like the way they treated Russia by isolating the economy and bringing on pain," Tsai was quoted as saying.

"We are so integrated that the pain is going to be felt all over the world," he added.

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma told the conference via video link that he believed the US would "suffer more" from the dispute, the newspaper said.

Ma said in September that the trade dispute could last for two decades and become "a mess" for all parties involved.

Ma had a high-profile meeting with Trump last year where Ma promised to create 1 million jobs in the US linked to small merchants selling items on Alibaba platforms.

Trade relations have since deteriorated between China and the US in a tit-for-tat escalation in tariffs.


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