Fan whistleblower slams Beijing police for ignoring reports of threats

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/11 23:03:41

The man who exposed the tax evasion case of Chinese top actress Fan Bingbing on Wednesday accused Beijing police of alleged negligence in dealing with death threats to him following his exposé.

Cui Yongyuan, an outspoken former TV host of China Central Television, said on his Sina Weibo account on Wednesday that Beijing police allegedly breached their duty and were negligent after he reported threats to him and his daughter several times in the past months.

"I have been insulted and even received death threats in the past months after I publicly accused Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, film director Feng Xiaogang and the Chinese film company Huayi Brothers of tax evasion," Cui wrote on Wednesday.

Following his exposé, some Weibo users started threatening him on the China's Twitter-like platform starting June, and also published information of his daughter, who is studying abroad.

"I reported the threats to the Xinyuanli police station five times in July and September, but the police have yet to investigate the cases," he said.

Beijing police failed to respond to Cui's accusation when reached by the Global Times on Thursday.

Cui first broke the news online of Fan's tax evasion case in late May. His allegations led to an investigation in early June of Fan and sparked suspicion of similar misconduct among actors.

On October 3, the State Administration of Taxation ordered Fan to pay more than 800 million yuan ($116 million) in taxes and fines.

Fan, one of China's highest-paid actors, has appeared in both Chinese and Western films, including the multimillion-dollar X-Men franchise.

In Cui's other post on Sunday, he alleged that some Shanghai policemen, allegedly implicated in Fan's case, had interviewed him.

"Two policemen didn't show their badge to me during an interrogation and pretended to be tax staff," he said, noting they showed more interest in how he obtained evidence than on the tax case.

"The alleged misconduct will be investigated," the Shanghai Municipality Public Security Bureau said on its social media account on Wednesday.

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