Chinese actress Zhao Liying announces marriage to actor Feng Shaofeng on Sina Weibo

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/16 19:08:40

A screenshot of Zhao Liying's Sina Weibo post announcing her marriage to actor Feng Shaofeng

Chinese actress Zhao Liying announced that she has married Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng by posing her marriage certificate on Sina Weibo on Tuesday morning with the caption "official announcement."

The post received nearly 5 million likes in four hours.

According to the marriage certificate, the newlyweds married on Zhao's 31th birthday.

In a comment under Zhao's  post that received more than 1.5 million likes, Feng wrote "Happy birthday to my wife."

Zhao's post received more than 10 million comments, many of which were netizens wishing the couple well.

"Congratulations! You two just blew up Sina Weibo with this message!" netizen Zhenshuo noted.

Others, however, commented that they felt sorry for Zhao, as Feng has reportedly had love affairs with several actresses before getting married.

"Liying, if you are being kidnapped to the wedding, please blink," netizen Ligelin posted.

"Feng, if you don't treat her well, I will diss you as much as I can!!!" Xiaoruizixiao noted.

The two stars had previously been seen together several times out in public, but neither acknowledged rumors that they were in a relationship.

Recently a rumor that Zhao had become pregnant began circulating after the actress terminated her contract with her agent on October 9. However, Zhao has denied the rumor.


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