BOA punches above Wells Fargo’s weight as bosses work to put banks’ past behind them

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/17 19:13:40

Bank of America (BOA) is punching above Wells Fargo's weight. The Charlotte-based bank earned $6.7 billion for its common shareholders in the third quarter, or an 11 percent annualized return on equity. In other words, it lagged its West Coast rival's performance, as it typically does - this time by a percentage point. Yet the two now trade at the same multiple of 1.65 times tangible book value, an implicit valuation premium for BOA. Boss Brian Moynihan's turnaround has taken shape over years. Tim Sloan at Wells may close the gap again before long.

There are a few similarities between Sloan and the BOA chief executive. Both ended up running their respective banks after a predecessor left under a cloud. Neither was considered the best person for the job. And each of them struggled to quickly control the various issues plaguing their franchises.

Moynihan, who took the reins at the $280 billion BOA in 2010, is now reaping the benefits of years spent overhauling the operation. He has been helped greatly by last year's US tax cuts and the Federal Reserve's tightening of monetary policy - the bank was one of the best placed to benefit from rising interest rates. But he marshaled a solid set of businesses, pulled ahead of fellow laggard Citigroup, and now has the results to show for it.

The three months to the end of September may mark a turning point for the $250 billion Wells and Sloan. Deposits and loans are still declining, and the bank is still forbidden from growing its balance sheet thanks to a consent order from the Fed reflecting past failures in governance and risk management. But Sloan is now getting expenses under control, setting the bank up for a return to growth.

Still, it must smart a bit to be running a once-standout lender that investors now peg at the same price-to-tangible-book multiple as BOA, until two years ago regarded as one of the slowpokes of the industry. But if Moynihan managed to put BOA's past behind it, despite all the doubters, then perhaps Sloan can, too.

The author is Antony Currie, a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The article was first published on Reuters Breakingviews.

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