Train station warns travelers ‘not to fall for’ rich beggar with apartment, savings

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/29 18:43:39

Some of China's impoverished elderly have no other choice but to beg in public places. Except one, according to a train station in Hangzhou, which is warning travelers against giving to a woman they say not only has a home, but substantial savings and a well-to-do family.

A broadcast message at Hangzhou East Railway Station suggests not giving money to the 79-year-old beggar that frequents the station.

"An elderly woman in the station uses her age to win sympathy. Her family financial situation is quite good, so please don't fall for it," said the broadcast played on repeat.

The woman reportedly lives in an apartment with her son, Zhang Ming (pseudonym).

While the woman was not interviewed, Zhang told local paper Metropolitan Express that his family makes its living from numerous rental properties and a factory, which he runs.    

"I serve her delicious meals every day. But she just insists on going out to beg," he said. "She also has lots of savings in her bank account."

Staff appealed to local police, who deferred taking action.

Employees hope that the broadcast will ruin her panhandling prospects and force her to give up and go back home.

Global Times


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