Honorary Professor title of Beijing Film Academy granted to Majidi

Source:IRNA Published: 2018/11/7 18:39:16

Photo: IRNA

The famous and renowned Iranian director Majid Majidi received the 'Honorary Professor' title of the Beijing Film Academy, and became the honorary professor of the greatest Asian academy of the arts.

The honorary title of this academy was granted by Zhang Jian, the Vice Chairman of the Academy, for his outstanding activities in the area of film and cinema, on Tuesday evening at the Beijing Film Academy venue.

Also in the ceremony, with participation of more than 700 filmmakers and students of the Chinese filmmaking courses, two films by Majid Majidi entitled 'Children of the Heaven' and 'Song of Sparrows' were unveiled as educational materials for the Academy Film of China.

In this ritual, these two films were featured, which was widely welcomed by Chinese filmmakers.

The Beijing Film Academy, founded in 1950, is Asia's largest film academy, under the auspices of the Chinese government.

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