Two Chinese citizens lost touch in Mongolia, rescuing action underway

By Ji Yuqiao Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/7 23:18:41

The operation to rescue two Chinese citizens who has been out of touch in Mongolia since October 23 is underway, according to a report from the rescue team on Tuesday.

A member of the Nanjing Blue Sky Rescue, nicknamed Da Di, is on the way to Mongolia and he told the Global Times on Wednesday that he belongs to the second team consisted of 5 members from the Blue Sky Rescue following the first team containing 7 members that started searching on October 27.

Two citizens, named Mao Runxin and Guo Yuqin, who live in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province and are also volunteers of the Nanjing Blue Sky Rescue team, went to Mongolia for travelling but were found to have lost touch on October 23 and their families asked the Blue Sky Rescue to help them search for Mao and Guo, Yangtze Evening Post reported on Tuesday.

The report said that two people lived in a herdsman's house on October 18 and the last time some herdsman saw them was on the evening of October 19 and they were walking in good state.

With the support of local government and police, the Blue Sky Rescue started the operation on October 27.

A business partner of Mao, who is an editor of yoyoGo, an application about travelling, told the Global Times on Wednesday that Mao loves photographing and provided pictures he took while having tours to her application.

"I think he is a kind person and willing to share with others through interaction and communication," she said, adding that she did not receive a reply after sending a message to Mao on October 18.

"We start a donation activity to raise fund that will be sent to the rescue team, hoping that can help him and the other person return as soon as possible," she said.

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