Xinjiang vows better education in history, culture for stability

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/9 22:33:40

The publicity head of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region vowed to emphasize historical education, saying it would cultivate the region's social stability and enhance people's recognition of their traditional culture.

Tian Wen, head of Xinjiang's publicity department, wrote an article in Xinjiang Daily on Thursday, saying that the historical education problem is the cause of the region's terrorism problems, and some separatists have been distorting history for a long time, which has a damaging impact in some places of the region.

Some people, including government officials, were involved in these terror activities, because they were influenced by distorted information about history and reactionary speeches, Tian said.

Xinjiang is also prone to influence from other countries, especially in recent years when certain people used books, videos and other publications to disturb some Xinjiang people's thoughts, Tian added.

To resist this bad influence and enhance the education and publicity work on Xinjiang's history, the government will guide members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to view historical and religious issues with the right attitude, establish a special course in schools of Islamic studies, and the Xinjiang institute of socialism to enhance the training of these religious people.

Tian also vowed to help young people establish the right view about the country, history and culture.

To make the publicity work more interesting, the government plans to use new media platforms such as WeChat and Sina Weibo, and short videos, cartoons and other tools to inform people about Xinjiang's history, Tian said.

The regional government will continue to assign officials to relatives of ethnic minority people, and instruct officials to explain important decisions to these people, and help them understand the history that has been distorted by separatists and terrorists.

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