Beijing slams German media report as ‘sheer nonsense’

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/9 23:43:23

The Chinese Foreign Ministry slammed a German media's accusation of China's activities in Africa, saying their accusation is "sheer nonsense and nothing new" on Friday, a day after the Bild newspaper report criticized China for "putting Africa in its own bag."

The Bild story, "China unscrupulously put Africa in the bag," published on its website in German, said China's aid to Africa is to gain political influence, and China has used some unethical means, such as spying on the AU headquarters.

"The accusation that China is spying on the AU headquarters has long been vigorously refuted by African leaders. AU Chairman Moussa Faki and leaders of many African countries, including Ethiopia and the Republic of Congo, have already made it clear that the report is false. The German media (Bild) is now hyping the matter again with ulterior motives," Hua Chunying, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said at a daily briefing.

China has been deeply working with African countries for many years, and has provided billions of dollars for their development. During this year's Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing in September, China pledged an additional $60 billion to Africa and guaranteed that the money had no political strings attached.

No one knows better about China-Africa cooperation than Africans themselves, Hua noted, adding that during this year's FOCAC, many African leaders publicly denied that China-Africa cooperation is adding to Africa's debt burden, and stressed that their countries are eager for development, in need of funding and look forward to cooperation.

"They emphasized that China's support and assistance come with no political strings attached and do not interfere in their country's internal affairs. They welcomed and thanked China, believing that China is Africa's most reliable partner in development and revitalization," Hua said.

Hua said that at a recent visit to Namibia, Germany's former Bundestag president Norbert Lammert falsely cited China's rising influence in Namibia during his meeting with President Hage Gottfried Geingob. 

"President Hage Geingob told him in person: 'The so-called concerns of some countries about China's influence in Namibia are tiresome. Please do not underestimate the intelligence of the African people. We know how to deal with our own affairs,'" Hua said.

"We hope that relevant media can report objectively and fairly on China's cooperation with African countries. Repeatedly disregarding basic and fundamental facts, fabrications, damaging their own credibility will only lead to self-humiliation," said the spokesperson.


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