Two executives removed after China mine accident kills 21

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/11/10 14:53:42

Two executives of a coal mining company in east China's Shandong Province have been removed from their posts for their roles in a mine accident that killed 21 people.

The rock burst accident occurred at Longyun Coal Mining Co. Ltd. in Yuncheng County on Oct. 20. A total of 22 miners were trapped in a tunnel after coal fell at both ends due to the rock burst.

The rescue operation ended on Oct. 29 after 21 bodies were recovered. Only one survived.

The Shandong Provincial Bureau of Coal Mine Safety on Friday said Longyun's parent company, Shandong Energy Longkou Mining Group Co., Ltd., has sacked Li Renxin, president of Longyun, and Tian Zhaojun, Longyun's vice president and chief engineer.

The Longkou Mining Group has also set up a working team to assist government investigations of mine accidents.

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