CIIE interviewees share their feedback on the first China International Import Expo

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/11 18:58:39

A historic event

An exhibitor showcases wine from her country to visitors at the China International Import Expo. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) concluded on Saturday. Deals for intended one-year purchases of goods and services worth a total of $57.83 billion were reached at event, according to Xinhua News Agency.

A total of 172 countries, regions and international organizations, and more than 3,600 enterprises participated in the six-day event, which attracted more than 400,000 domestic and overseas purchasers. Some interviewees shared with the Global Times their feedback and experiences about this epic, historic event.


Liam Fox, Britain's International Trade Secretary

"This was my fifth visit to China in 2018, which shows the UK government's emphasis on the bilateral relationship. We were very keen to attend the import expo, and we welcome China's ongoing efforts to increase imports and improve its business environment."

Rona Fairhead, British minister for Trade and Export Promotion

"We see CIIE as a momentous event. By opening-up and improving our trading, we create more jobs for the two countries, and we share innovation particularly in the creativity industry."

Hu Hong, head of Gyirong county, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region

"We plan to build a cross-border e-commerce base at the Gyirong port, which will help facilitate trade with countries such as Nepal and India. It is scheduled to operate by 2020."


Sherman Ge, president of Metal Shark Asia Pacific Region

"The expo gave us a precious opportunity to bring our best products, techniques and design ideas to potential Chinese clients, as well as make business cooperation with China."

Rachel Duan, senior vice president of GE and president & CEO of GE China

"The purpose of CIIE was to promote an open market and free trade, which will bring benefits to every business entity participating in the global market. We believe that it will help drive the development and upgrade of the industries in which GE does business."

Vladimir Makatsaria, chairman of Johnson & Johnson China

"As China transitions toward a new era, we are strengthening our partnership with this country by continuing to lay down strong roots through ongoing investment in our innovation and manufacturing facilities to further improve the health of the Chinese public."

Jean-Paul Agon, chairman of L'Oreal Group

"We are very pleased to note that during the past few years, the Chinese government promulgated a host of policies aimed at creating a more supportive business environment to better help multinational companies develop in China."

Till Reuter, CEO of Kuka

"We believe that China is one of the most important robotics markets in the world, and we're investing further in China. Kuka plans to build a robotics park in Shunde, South China's Guangdong Province, by the end of this year."

Gu Chunyuan, president of the ABB Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region

"There's been a remarkable change in the ways we collaborate with Chinese companies over the years. Chinese companies have been shifting from buying products from foreign firms to focusing more on cooperation on innovation."

Paul Lindblad, president of Wacker Greater China

"We're very proud to be here in the first year of the CIIE. We are pleased to introduce our innovative products to Chinese companies, and looking forward to seeing them make good things with these new materials. CIIE demonstrates China's firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization, and we appreciate its determination to open its market more."

Lydia Lu, vice president of communications, Honeywell Asia HGR

"We are encouraged to see that China will enter a new round of high-level opening-up. China's import of goods and services are expected to exceed $40 trillion in total, which will present huge opportunities for global companies like Honeywell."

Buyer groups

Jiang Chuanrong, president of Mirror Pictures

"CIIE shows that China is opening its markets, which makes private enterprises much more confident in negotiating collaborations with potential foreign partners. There will be an increasing number of global talents in culture and arts coming to China as the country becomes more inclusive and attractive."

Fang Zhongjun, vice president of Migu Interactive Entertainment

"Through this expo, we are looking forward to reaching more foreign game companies, and therefore trying to bring more worldwide mobile games with better quality into the Chinese market."

Zhang Xin, president of TBEA

"Our company insists on allocating resources globally. It selects and purchases raw materials and components from all over the world, and CIIE provides a platform to buy products and technologies with higher quality and lower costs."

Wang Jucang, president of Tibet Ayun

"At CIIE, we signed deals with foreign enterprises such as Japanese internet advertising company OPT Holding and Pakistan's Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Japan's cosmetics and Pakistan's pine nuts and handicrafts are popular in Tibet."

A private buyer group representative from East China's Zhejiang Province who requested anonymity

"CIIE not only provides opportunities for private businesses to cooperate with more foreign companies, but also gives a chance to firms to go overseas."


Zhang Yansheng, chief research fellow of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges

"The expo provides a stage for people from different countries and regions to strengthen communication and cooperation, especially when the global economy faces severe challenges from protectionism and unilateralism."

Li Jun, senior research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation

"China's attitude toward opening its market and cooperation is particularly precious and necessary to the world's current economic and trade environment. By continuing to lower tariffs and relax market access, China is creating an open, convenient, low-cost and highly-efficient business environment."

Yang Changyong, senior research fellow at the National Development and Reform Commission's Institute for International Economic Research

"CIIE represents China's higher-level opening-up. It shows that China's imports will be long-term and large-scale."

Wei Hao, director of the Department of International Economy and Trade at Beijing Normal University

"Contemporary trade is no longer about solely buying and selling products - it's also about cooperation between enterprises. To tackle increasing fierce competition from home and abroad, domestic companies are enriching themselves by proactively bringing in foreign advanced skills and resources."

Event employees

A sophomore student from a Shanghai university working at CIIE as a volunteer

"It's a great opportunity for us to communicate with people from different countries and regions. I improved my English during these days."

A cook who made wontons for global journalists at CIIE's media center

"Wonton wrappers are usually made with flour and hen's egg whites. But I use duck egg whites instead to make my wontons more delicious."

A janitor at CIIE's main venue

"Eight years ago, I worked at the Shanghai World Expo for six months. Now I serve CIIE, and I feel very proud."

Flags of different countries and regions stand at a square of the CIIE venue National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). Photo: Yang Hui/GT

People take photos at the square of CIIE venue. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Volunteers serving the CIIE Photo: Yang Hui/GT



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