Iran continues producing radioactive iodine despite US sanctions: official

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/11/15 8:33:10

Iran has taken a leap towards producing radioactive iodine which is a main therapy for thyroid cancer, IRAN daily quoted an Iranian medical official as saying on Wednesday.

Although producing radioactive iodine is a difficult process, Iran has become self-sufficient in its production and continues doing so despite US sanctions, said Shahram Alamdari, secretary of Iran's ongoing 12th International Conference of Endocrine Disorders.

Production of the medicine is among the peaceful uses of atomic energy, Alamdari said, adding that "use of radioactive iodine is among the main methods for treating patients suffering from thyroid cancer."

When someone gets a small dose of radioactive iodine medicine, scanners can pick it up, and it can help reveal certain illnesses. Larger doses can attack thyroid cancer, prostate cancer and other diseases.

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