Chinese traditional dance lessons becoming popular with expatriate children in Shanghai

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/19 18:38:40

Dance, little sister, dance!

Foreign children learn traditional Chinese dance with their teacher Xiao Anshu at a private training class in Shanghai. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Chinese traditional dance is becoming increasingly popular among foreign children. A new private training class for Chinese traditional dance was recently set up in an office building on Wuding Road West of Shanghai, attracting a slew of expatriate children.

During these dance lessons, little Caucasian kids can be seen waving their arms, twisting their waists and jiggling their bodies, dancing not-so-skillfully to the accompany of Chinese traditional music.

Their teacher, Xiao Anshu told the Global Times that in Shanghai there are numerous training classes for foreign dance styles such as Latin, hip-hop and ballet. However, Xiao could not find any Chinese folk dance studios, so she simply set up her own.

Xiao is surprised that her new school has been attracting just as many foreign as Chinese children. Thus, she also prepared costumes from different Chinese ethnic groups for the children to wear in order to promote China's rich diversity.

As Chinese parents tend to do, many foreign parents are also seen waiting attentively outside the dance studio, watching their children and taking photos from afar.

A Russian child named Lera told the Global Times that with the improvement of China's world status, more and more foreign children like her are becoming interested in Chinese culture, including Chinese dance. They hope such classes will help them integrate better into Shanghai.

Xiao dances with her students for guidance. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

A student gets made up before class Photo: Yang Hui/GT

A child in a Chinese folk costume Photo: Yang Hui/GT

A foreign kid learns Chinese dancing. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Xiao Anshu dresses up in folk costumes. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Xiao Anshu fixes a costumue for a student. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Foreign and Chinese parents wait for their kids. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Various awards Xiao has won in her dancing career Photo: Yang Hui/GT






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