Shanghai to invest in medical innovation

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/19 18:58:40

Shanghai launched a medical project this year and planned to invest approximately 1.3 billion yuan ($187.2 million) on clinical health research and innovation over the next three years, Jiefang Daily reported Monday. The city will also improve its heath service system toward modernization.

Zhu Chouwen, vice president of Zhongshan Hospital, said that a city of medical innovation refers to not only scientific research but also development on new medicines and equipment, which require a large amount of clinical researching talents.

Additionally, 16 districts in Shanghai have been divided into 58 medical service areas to facilitate local residents in a more efficient and convenient way. The city will also takes measures, such as improving one-stop service, offering daytime diagnosis and treatment and managing chronic disease in communities, to relieve crowded local hospitals.

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