China rumors fly before Taiwan vote

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/22 23:18:41

As Taiwan's nine-in-one elections will be held on Saturday, some mainstream Western media claimed that the Chinese mainland has been trying to influence the election results by roping in Taiwan's grass-roots forces and spreading fake news online. These reports also said that Taiwan is at the frontlines of the Chinese Communist Party's "sharp power."

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) head James Moriarty claimed that there are external forces trying to guide Taiwan's public opinion and spread false information. He also said that Taiwan is the world's biggest victim of fake news because people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits use the same language and Taiwan enjoys high-level freedom of speech.

No matter Western media or Moriarty, their vague accusations lack evidence. Many of Western media's reports intentionally quoted Taiwan residents who oppose the Chinese mainland and use the partisan language as so-called evidence.

Moriarty and mainstream Western media echo Taiwan authorities' accusation that "The Chinese mainland is interfering in Taiwan's elections." By restating these rumors, it's they who are guiding Taiwan's public opinion, trying to influence Taiwan people's voting.

The American people invented the charge of "interfering in elections." The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Taiwan became the first to follow suit. When Washington used such accusation as a bargaining chip, its purpose was to sway voters by accusing the Chinese mainland of interference. This is the biggest trick of the DPP's elections this time.

Some US officials and Western media are joining in accusing the Chinese mainland of interfering in Taiwan's elections. This has added some Western style to the DPP's tricks.

Taiwan's nine-in-one local elections shouldn't involve cross-Straits relations too much. The so-called anti-China sentiment was not brought into the last nine-in-one elections. Such tactics have nothing to do with Taiwan's local elections, and the authorities are canvassing for votes by inciting people's hate against the Chinese mainland. This is a tragedy of Taiwan's democracy.

The Chinese mainland has no illusions that Taiwan would be more reasonable on the cross-Straits issue during the time of their elections. More and more people from the Chinese mainland believe the Taiwan Straits situation depends on mainland's development and its control of international conditions. Fewer mainland Chinese people care about Taiwan's internal politics.

The DPP is bringing the so-called anti-China sentiment into grass-roots elections to polarize Taiwan's politics on the cross-Straits question. Taiwan authorities are further changing the rules of the region's politics, trying to redefine the current cross-Straits situation.

Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen and her  colleagues have been attacking the Chinese mainland almost every day recently. She is mobilizing the Taiwan people to stand in opposition to the Chinese mainland, touching on the most sensitive issues in the cross-Straits dispute. This is a slap in the face considering her measured tone regarding cross-Straits policies before.

Few mainland Chinese people know what Taiwan's local elections are, and almost no one cared in the past. Accusations from Taiwan are now confusing the Chinese mainland. We want to tell Taiwan: No matter who is elected, county head or municipal mayor, the contrast of power between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan won't be changed, nor will Chinese mainland's policies or resolution. So please just mind your own electoral business.

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