Chinese traditional medicine strike chord with Kenyans yearning for fitness

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/11/23 8:53:39

James Rakua was among dozens of Kenyan employees at Chinese tiles manufacturing firm, Twyford Ceramics Limited, who turned up for a health check-up conducted by a group of specialists in traditional Chinese medicine on Thursday.

The 38 years old father of three who is a devoted security officer at the firm that is located about 60 kilometers south east of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi was keen to be attended by an acupuncturist to find relief from his back pains.

"I heard about the potency of traditional Chinese medicine recently and decided to give it a try in the hope that it will relieve me of the stress of repetitive back pains," Rakua told Xinhua.

"The doctor listened to me attentively and conducted some needling on my back that has paid off since the pain has eased," he added.

Born and raised in the semi arid Kajiado County where Twyford is located, Rakua has unwavering commitment to his current vocation that requires agility of body and mind.

The recent bout of back pains was a distraction to the five and a half feet tall security officer hence his determination to secure an audience with the Chinese acupuncturist.

"I'm confident the therapy session with the doctor will ease my back pains for the long haul. I have discovered that other colleagues of mine were excited by the prospect of discovering the magic of Chinese traditional medicine," said Rakua.

Kenyan employees of Twyford had palpable excitement as they waited for their turn to see the specialists in traditional Chinese medicine that ranged from acupuncturists, gynecologists and orthopedics.

Regina Muthoki, a 25 years old security guard had an animated conversation with a gynecologist where she disclosed her past struggles with heart burn and bloating of stomach.

"It has been a trying moment for me in the past few months when stomach constipation became the norm. At times, the heart burns were so severe that they interfered with my appetite," said Muthoki.

"The doctor listened to my health complication and advised on the appropriate remedies like doing away with acidic food and spices," she added.

Muthoki said her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine was limited to the information she gleaned from colleagues at work but learn its enormous therapeutic value after consulting the gynecologist.

"I look forward to trying the traditional Chinese medicine in the future whenever I have a health complication," said Muthoki.

Traditional Chinese medicine that has gained traction in Kenya lately is providing a viable alternative to local population yearning for wellness amid numerous threats to their health.

Ann Ndolli, a housekeeper at Twyford Ceramics Limited was convinced that specialists in traditional Chinese medicine who camped at her work station could provide answer to her persistent chest pains and blurred eye sight.

"My colleague encouraged me to attend this health check up conducted by Chinese medics to get a proper diagnosis on the chest pains and blurred vision that took a toll on my day job and household chores," said Ndolli.

The vivacious young mother said she was satisfied by the advice given by Chinese specialists and looked forward to purchase anti-biotics that could ease chest pains and visual complications.

Zack Okoth, a 29 years old soccer player who works at the Twyford's administration department decided to turn up for the health check conducted by Chinese traditional medicine specialists to find respite from pain in the right shoulder.

"Having been a goal keeper in my local football club for some time, it is not unusual to experience pain in the shoulders and that is why I came over to seek advice from the Chinese doctors," said Okoth.

"The therapy session was stimulating and am hopeful the pain will disappear soon," he added.

Abdi Godana, a security supervisor at the largest tiles manufacturing firm in east and central African region could not hide his joy after a conversation with the Chinese ancient medicine specialists to find answer to his persistent stomach pains.

"The doctors handled me well and advised me accordingly to alleviate stomach pains that were linked to poor dietary choices," said Godana.

Chinese doctors were impressed by the confidence Kenyans expressed towards the Asian country's time honored medical practices like acupuncture.

Yang Jun, a traditional Chinese medicine specialist said that its positive attributes should be harnessed in Kenya to help deal with a heavy disease burden.

"Chinese medicine has served generations and its efficacy is indisputable. Acupuncture in particular has been recommended by elite medical authorities all over the world since it is very effective in relieving pain," said Yang.

He revealed that about 184 countries in the world have incorporated acupuncture in mainstream health care services since it has minimal side effects and is less costly.

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