Report shows gender discrimination persists

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/27 19:23:40

The age of Shanghai women getting married or delivering a child has seen a sharp rise, according to a report released by Shanghai Women's Federation on Tuesday. Discrimination against women in the workplace has grown since the "two-child" policy, Xinmin Evening News reported Tuesday.

The age of Shanghai people who are getting married is growing faster than the national level. As of 2015, the average age of Shanghai men and women getting married was 30.3 and 28.4 years old respectively, which are 5- and 5.4-year older than in 2005. The age of Shanghai women giving birth was 29 years old in 2015.

As a woman's role in the family has been increasing after the new second-child policy, more implicit discrimination against women by employers occurs.

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