Chinese and Russian drama experts discuss international cooperation

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/2 17:53:39

On Friday, Russian news agency Sputnik International hosted a video conference to bring drama experts in Moscow and Beijing together to discuss international cooperation in the field of modern drama.

One of the major participants in the event was The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS).

One of the largest drama universities in the world, the 140-year-old GITIS values its cooperation with other countries and regions, especially China. According to GITIS representatives, over the past two years the school has worked to re-establish ties with Chinese drama universities, including the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and the Shanghai Theatre Academy. During this time, fifty Chinese drama students attended summer drama camps at GITIS, where they honed their performance techniques and directing skills under the watchful eye of the school's experienced teaching staff.
Drama experts from GITIS also visited China to teach International Drama master classes, during which time they were tremendously impressed by Chinese students' diligence and professional development.

At the conference, Chinese experts Liu Xi from Beijing Normal University's School of Foreign Languages and Literature and Cui Wenqin, a drama producer, both noted the huge impact Russia had on Chinese drama during its early developmental stage and mentioned how many senior Chinese drama professionals have deep affection for Russian drama.

Cui emphasized the creativity of Russian directors when it comes to crossing language barriers, mentioning how Russian director Alexander Kuzin inspired Chinese performers through body language and facial expressions while working on the Chinese version of the Russian drama Co-workers. Cui also emphasized that grabbing the attention of today's youth is absolutely essential if Russian dramas want to continue to grow in China.

Boris Konstantinov, the general director of Russia's Obraztsov Puppet Theatre, noted that he is currently looking for Chinese partners to help bring his popular puppet show Turandot to Chinese audiences. He emphasized that, as a puppeteer, he is very interested in learning about Chinese glove puppetry.

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